Scytetzy PH Injector

Scytetzy PH Injector APK Latest Version v1.4 for Android Free Download

The Scytetzy PH Injector is another third-party application that many MLBB players use to modify the game. This app contains many amazing features and cheats which makes the game very easy and enjoyable to play. Many other applications were available to make the game much easier. But somehow they were not working after some time. That’s why we have introduced you to this amazing application which will make you really happy. This app is one of the easiest apps you will never face any trouble during the usage of the app. Simply you have to install it and use it on your main account and you will play such an amazing game whatever you play. After using this your skills will develop automatically because the power and more damage will be on your hand. That makes you one of the best players in the world.

In the Scytetzy PH Injector, you will be able to unlock more than 300 skins and outfits just for free. These paid things are very expensive when you want to get these. So, this app will help you to collect all the paid things and other things just without paying. When you collect these all things and use these things in the game. Then you will really enjoy the game and you will never remove this from your device. This app contains many other features that you will use to kill your enemies in a very short time. Now you have a better chance to complete the dreams that you wish to use in the game. You will find many amazing skins for free just like the Saiki Injector gives you. So, now you have to download the app from our website and make your game different from others.


Features of Scytetzy PH Injector:

  • Support; 32+ Skin.
  • Customize Skin.
  • For Chou.
  • Lancelot.
  • All unlocked Skins.
  • Assassin; 64+ Skin.
  • Fighter; 81+ Skin.
  • Marksman; 71+ Skin.
  • Tank; 59+ Skin.
  • Gusion.
  • Aldous.
  • Brody.
  • Granger.
  • Selena.
  • Fanny.
  • Alucard.
  • Dyrroth.
  • Backgrounds.
  • Lobby.
  • Loading Screen.
  • Profile.

Drone View:

  • X3.
  • X4.
  • X5.
  • X6.
  • X7.
  • K.O, Evos.

Other Features and Passwords of Scytetzy PH Injector:

  • 515, Super Kill.
  • Sword Kill.
  • The Sword.
  • Roaming.
  • Hero Vale.
  • RIP.
  • M1, EVOS.
  • Halloween.
  • MCL.
  • MSC, Sky Guardian.
  • Thunder, Hero Vale.
  • 15 ML Emotes can be used.
  • With a backup option.
  • It has over a dozen recalls. 
  • The Sword.
  • Super Descent.

You have to insert the following key to access the features and cheats. Because the makers of the app made a very high-security system you will never see any error.


The Scytetzy PH Injector is at the top of the list that the players used most. This app is the only better and safe way to achieve all missions and achievements in the games. You don’t have to waste your money on your account. After installing this app you will able to use unlimited money which means you will able to buy anything in the game. So just step ahead download the app and give some more permissions to activate the cheats in the app. And enjoy the Mobile Legend Bang Bang more. Also, visit again on our website for more new apps. 

Additional Details

October 31, 2022