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KilleRz Free Fire APK Latest Version v7.5 For Android Free Download

The KilleRz APK is an injector that’s developed by the modders developers to make the Gretna free fire much easier. If you are new to this amazing game also you can’t have many skills to win every match and also want to push your rank. Then my dear readers you are in the right place because today we have the amazing injector that with the help of this you can easily cheat in every game. This amazing app contains more premium features that you can get of them for free. In today’s world, many other players of the GFF are searching for new cheats and injectors to compete and conquer the game. But somehow they can’t because there are a lot of products from different popular developers but when they inject them their IDs were banned in just a few days.

So we have the best product that gives 100% protection and also warranties that no one gives. Furthermore, the KilleRz app & XGD Team tools contain more features and cheats as compared to the other injectors. However personally when I try this application the very first time I was gone made to play another match of the free fire. When you install and start using this app I am giving you a warranty that you will be the MVP of that match just play some matches and see how your rank boosts in just a few hours. So my dears if you really want to surprise your friends just do what I am saying install this amazing app from but please read the instructions that how to download it.

After installing it play a few games with the random squid when your rank grows then surprised your whole friend’s circle and become their icon of them. 

What is KilleRz:

A combination of different premium and classic features. It helps you to play like a pro and this app is for free called killeRz Apk. This one is the best in that it contains the best features that GFF players needed it contains a headshot, no recoil, and more that which are given below. But as always my favorite is the anti-blacklist you can play every game without any fairness and pass your time with a great experience. So before downloading this app plz read the whole article because when you read the whole article you are able to use and download perfectly the app. 

Features Of The KilleRz:

Here are the best features that you can unlock for free of cost

  • No recoil.
  • Telekill.
  • Telesport Car.
  • Medikit Running.
  • Fake Username.
  • Anti-ban.
  • Anti-Black List.
  • Esp Line.
  • Aim Fov.
  • Un Banned Device.
  • Headshot.
  • Aim bot.
  • Aim auto.
  • Sensitivity.

When You get all cheats and then you play the game then you have to experience something different that you can get them all after installing it.

Is it Legal and Works:

Yeah, this app is 100% safe and you can easily get it from but this is also a third-party application that you can only get from our website it’s not available on the play store. This application has the main feature that if you install it in your original Id there is no effect on it so install it and enjoy. Before uploading on the website you know that first, we use this application on our devices when its works 100 percent then we upload this on the website so please don’t think just do it.

How To Download It:

  1. Click the download link to install the application from the web.
  2. Before you install it you must backup the com.dts.freefireth.folder  to com.dts.freefire1.
  3. Now you can install this application from your downloads folder in internal storage.
  4. If you have renamed com.dts.freefire1to com.dts.freefire.
  5. Now login to the game and activate your favorite cheats.
  6. Now you can enjoy and conquer the game. 


So, my dear readers if you understand all processes then you can install and enjoy the KilleRz application. But For your information, if you want more injectors like this then please visit and enjoy more things. So, at last, I want to say that just make your life joyful and full with the help of these amazing things so see you again take care of yourself and have a good play thank you. 

Additional Details

October 9, 2022